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SARTORIS ENTERTAINMENT is a production company for the creation of high quality television series and motion pictures. The decision to create a production company occurred after the sale of James L. Dickerson’s biography, Colonel Tom Parker: The Curious Life of Elvis Presley’s Eccentric Manager to Warner Bros. for Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 motion picture, ELVIS, a feature film that explores the life and career of Elvis Presley through the eyes of Colonel Tom Parker. The manager is portrayed in the film by Tom Hanks.

Here is the copyright transaction in the Library of Congress:

Untitled Baz Luhrmann musical project & 1 other title / James L. Dickerson.

Type of Work: Recorded Document
Document Number: V9979D787
Date of Recordation: 2020-02-07
Entire Copyright Document: V9979 D787 P1-2
Date of Execution: as of 30Jan20
Date of Certification: 02/05/2020
Title: Untitled Baz Luhrmann musical project & 1 other title / James L. Dickerson.
Notes: Assignment.
Party 1: James L. Dickerson.
Party 2: Warner Brothers Pictures, a division of WB Studio Entertainment, Inc.
Links: List of Titles
Names: Dickerson, James L.
Warner Brothers Pictures
WB Studio Entertainment, Inc.
James L. Dickerson

Projects currently in development by

Sartoris Entertainment:

Love on the Rocks

Executive Producer: James L. Dickerson

Based on the novel, Love on the Rocks by James L. Dickerson, this six-episode television series will tell the dramatic story of a woman who feels she has everything in life she ever wanted, only to see her life turned upside down by a boating accident that takes away everyone important to her. This fast-paced, suspenseful romance will be filmed in Canada, using Canadian actors only, on the scenic Saint Lawrence River, which serves as a boundary between the United States and Canada.