Sartoris Literary Group is more interested in stories than platforms. We are interested in publishing compelling books that are worthy of the time that readers will devote to them. We are especially interested in books that the majors consider too regional, too controversial, or too “small” for publication. Journalists and authors who have previously published books will be given priority in the selection process, but we are open to first-time authors.

NON-FICTION: we are interested in biographies and memoirs, self-help guides, music history, American history, Canadian history, photography, and business titles.

FICTION: mysteries, thrillers, romance, coming of age, and literary.

Sartoris Literary Group is not interested in the following:


We do not re-publish books that have been self-published.


We do not publish poetry.


We do not publish non-fiction books on technical subjects (psychology, social work, medicine, law, etc.) that are not written by experts or experienced journalists.


We do not publish children's books.

The submission process should begin with the form below. If we are interested we will take it from there. If we do not get in touch with you within 30 days, assume that your project is not what we are looking for. In addition to your contact information, your submission should include the following:

If non-fiction, please let us know the estimated word count, when it can be completed, whether photographs are available, whether you have a media platform, what your personal plan is to sell your book and a 1 or 2 paragraph description of each chapter.

If fiction, we assume the book has been completed. In that case, please let us know the word count (it must be at least 70,000 words), whether you have a media platform, what your personal plan is to sell your book, and a synopsis of the book that is no more than 350 words.

Submit Your Story