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MISSISSIPPI ON MY MIND by James L. Dickerson

Rare and revealing photographs, the stories behind the photographs, and anecdotes looking back on the author’s 40-year (and still counting) career as a journalist. Dickerson is known for seeking interaction with his photographic subjects. Included are photos of the Girls of Webb, the beauty queen capital of Mississippi; Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter;Ringo Starr, blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, the incredible story of the Ghost of Annandale, movers and shakers in the music business, Elvis Presley’s first guitarist Scotty Moore, the first female pilot to get wings in the U.S. Marine Corps, and many others. Roughly 1/3 of the images in the book relate to Mississippi, 1/3 relate to Memphis, and 1/3 relate to Nashville, reflecting the author’s work experience in Mississippi, Memphis and Nashville.

Available in both paperback and hard cover from,, and Amazon. There are also copies at Lemuria Books in Jackson.

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Mississippi lawyers John Brooks and Jackson Bradley find themselves embroiled in an explosive legal case when the respected patriarch of a Choctaw family is murdered in a drive-by shooting during a family gathering on their farm. His grandson pursues the murderers. Three “rednecks” suspected in the drive-by shooting are found on the farm, dead. The grandson is charged with their murder. The sensational news that the victims were scalped grips the attention and imagination of the public. Expecting a resumption of the Wild West range wars, the world press descends upon Philadelphia, Mississippi. The fate of nations, tribes and individuals will be decided in battles fought simultaneously in a Central American jungle, in a courtroom in Mississippi and in the hearts of the peopleilnvolved in this briskly-paced epic adventure.

James D. Bell is a retired judge who received the highest bar association approval ratings ever given to a Mississippi Circuit or County Judge. He is the author of the suspense novel Vampire Defense. He lives near Jackson, Mississippi, with his wife, Joanne.

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Juanita Emily Caldwell, who recently turned 98 years of age, has published her first book, a collection of recipes she has gathered over her years of living in Mississippi Delta towns and cities such as Greenville, Drew, Greenwood, and Hollandale. Her recipes, which she spent a lifetime collecting, represent Delta cuisine at its finest.

“Below the title, ‘Miss Juanita's Delta Cuisine,’ the book's cover is adorned with a picture of Miss Juanita Emily Caldwell in her younger days. Much like the cover, Miss Juanita's life, loves, and family are the focal point of this work, and she comes across as a lady who knows that good food is one of the greatest displays of affection there is . . . Miss Juanita is representative of many women of her era, and a kind of soul that will never die. Miss Juanita's favorite caramel pie is now my favorite as well, and, in that regard, a little piece of the Delta will live on.”—Kristen M. Hillman, New Orleans Review of Books

“Through ‘Miss Juanita’s Delta Cuisine,’ the author shares precious memories and photographs and more than 100 of her most-loved recipes—all of which were a lifetime in the making.”—Today in Mississippi

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NEW HAMPSHIRE by Robert Frost

“New Hampshire” is the book that put noted poet Robert Frost on the map. It was not until 1923 that he attracted national attention with the publication of “New Hampshire,” which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize the following year. He also won Pulitzer Prizes for his books, “Collected Poems” (1930), “A Further Range” (1936) and “A Witness Tree” (1942).


This deluxe, hard-cover book, printed on premium paper and annotated with photographs, most in full color, of Robert Frost and nature scenes that inspired his work, was designed to be a Collector’s Edition. It also features a thought-provoking introduction that focuses on Frost’s childhood and provides information that makes him more understandable as an adult. It is the perfect gift for the Robert Frost fan.

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In recent years America has struggled to hang onto its democratic values. Shaken by a profound mistrust in government, a President under investigation, freedom of speech under attack, the rise of white nationalism, and thousands of refugees seeking asylum in America, the fabric of American society is barely holding together. Compounding those problems are economic inequality, a loss of common civility, and a failure to provide for the needs of returning warriors.


“Selling Americans on America” tells of another turbulent era—Post World War II— when a phenomenon called the “Freedom Train” reignited citizens’ faith in a country that was then riddled with dissent, anxiety and mistrust in the country’s leadership. The train traveled America with 130 priceless documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Emancipation Proclamation. Combined with a media blitz of songs, operettas, radio shows, and local festivities, the train reminded Americans that “Freedom is Everybody’s Job.”

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Latest News

  • Annie Oeth with Sartoris Publisher

    Sartoris Literary Group was an exhibitor at the 2018 Mississippi Book Festival, where Vice President Mardi Allen represented the company and sold books in the tent reserved for that purpose. Signing books were Sartoris authors and friends, including Annie Oeth, James Bell, Joe Atkins, Rebecca Turner, Jim Ewing and Brenda E. Vaughn. Publisher James L. Dickerson was a panelist on the publishers’ panel.