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By James L. Dickerson

2022 Warner Bros. Movie Starring Tom Hanks is Based on This Book

Non-Fiction | Biography

Based on unprecedented, original research and interviews with insiders, this authoritative biography of Colonel Tom Parker (1909-1997), Elvis Presley’s lifelong manager, includes new revelations and insights into the music industry’s most notorious and mysterious manager. Investigative journalist and music writer James L. Dickerson looks at topics such as Parker’s illegal entry into the United States, his work as a carny with Royal American Shows, and his management of country singer Eddy Arnold, his partnership with Hank Snow, and how he manipulated Elvis Presley and his family to seize control of the singer’s career.

This book was sold to Warner Bros. for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley movie starring Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker.


An incendiary, powerful investigative account… An explanation, finally, of the twisted, corrupt relationship between Elvis and Colonel Parker.

Joe Eszterhas, Screenwriter of Basic Instinct


This jaw-dropping biography. . . is a model of research, assembled with crafty objectivity and humor.

Hal Kanter, Director of the Elvis film “Loving You”

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