By Juanita Emily Caldwell

Miss Juanita’s Delta Cuisine

Miss Juanita Caldwell, who passed away just weeks from her 99th birthday, lived in Mississippi her entire life, mostly in the Mississippi Delta. This collection of over 100 recipes covers a span of more than 80 years, offering a delicious taste of Delta cuisine from the 1930s to the present.


Below the title, ‘Miss Juanita’s Delta Cuisine,’ the book’s cover is adorned with a picture of Miss Juanita Emily Caldwell in her younger days. Much like the cover, Miss Juanita’s life, loves, and family are the focal point of this work, and she comes across as a lady who knows that good food is one of the greatest displays of affection there is . . . Miss Juanita is representative of many women of her era and a kind of soul that will never die. Miss Juanita’s favorite caramel pie is now my favorite as well, and, in that regard, a little piece of the Delta will live on.

Kristen M. Hillman, New Orleans Review of Books


Through ‘Miss Juanita’s Delta Cuisine,’ the author shares precious memories and photographs and more than 100 of her most-loved recipes—all of which were a lifetime in the making.

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