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Dancing with Trees
A Family Journal
Benny Graves | Non-fiction | Photography

This is a collection of stories, with dozens of striking photographs that explore how one family has journeyed through life under the watchful eyes of individual trees that often become their soulmates. The author explains how these trees on his farm have served as witnesses and companions to love, laughter, disappointments, and milestones that all people experience. Through the use of fabulous photographs and lyrical prose, the book explores the importance of trees to the generational development of Mississippi families.

Michael’s Black Dress
James Thibeault | Fiction | Coming of age

This is a coming-of-age novel about a 17-year-old high school student, the star member of the wrestling team, who discovers he is a cross-dresser who feels compelled to wear his twin sister’s dresses to school—and the problems that creates for him and his family.

Jesus Christ
The World’s First Liberal
Text by St. Luke | Religion | History

This book offers a look at Jesus’s landmark break from Judaism by highlighting his focus on issues previously considered irrelevant to religion by the Jews—health care, providing food and alms to the poor, rejection of wealth as a godly virtue, the promise of a Heaven to those who believed in him, and his acceptance of women in his ministry. Of course, Jews considered him a radical threat to the status quo, just as conservatives do today when confronted with the same issues advanced by liberal believers of Jesus Christ.

I'm So Sorry!
The Devil Made Me Do It
James L. Dickerson | Non-Fiction | Humor and Entertainment

More than 100 celebrity apologies and the stories behind them. From the time Marv Albert apologized for his various bizarre sexcapades to the time Garth Brooks apologized for wearing out a pair of jeans by crawling on his knees behind a woman, to the time George Michael admitted to letting it all hang out, I'm So Sorry tells the tales of the hottest, steamiest, and sexiest of the world's most titillating scandals, and ushers in the Age of the Public Apology. Confessions of wrongdoing and apologies from Kristen Stewart, David Letterman, Ariana Grande, Hugh Grant, David Duchovny, to name a few. Also included are apologies for serious transgressions such as the one from the Japanese for the attack on Pearl Harbor and the one from the Southern Baptist Convention for the abomination of slavery.

Caviar and Dirt
The Incredible Journey of
Michael Levine

From Underdog To Hollywood Power Broker
James L. Dickerson | non-fiction | biography

Michael Levine is one of the most successful celebrity public relations experts in the country. In this authorized biography, he discloses the disability that he has kept secret for three decades—and he explains how he used that disability to go from underdog to a successful Hollywood power broker. He also discusses famous clients who had to overcome obstacles to find success. He has represented 58 Academy Award winners, 34 Grammy Award winners, and 42 New York Times bestsellers. He is also the author of several books on public relations, including Guerrilla P.R. His client list has included Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, George Carlin, Mickey Rooney,  Charlton Heston, and broadcaster and author Bill O'Reilly.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A History of Mississippi Newspapers

James L. Dickerson | Non-fiction / History


Mississippi has a history of journalism that is second to none. Politically, newspapers in the state have run the gambit from liberal to arch-conservative, with editors displaying varying levels of leadership and news gathering abilities. Some newspapers, such as the Delta Democrat-Times, made news by going against social custom on racial issues; others resisted social change of any kind. The author is one of few journalists to work on the staffs of the Delta-Democrat-Times, the Greenwood Commonweatlh, the Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News—and The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, which had an enormous influence on the northern third of the state and, in earlier years, was considered by Mississippians to be a state newspaper.

Chips Moman
The Record Producer Who Changed America
James L. Dickerson | Biography | Music history

Chips Moman, who passed away in 2016, was one of the most celebrated music producers in American history. He began his career in Memphis but later worked in Nashville. Among the artists he worked with in the studio were Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Petula Clark, Wilson Pickett, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Aretha Franklin, Joe Tex, the Gentrys, Ringo Starr, and Paul Revere and the Raiders, to name a few. Moman’s vision helped change the musical and social landscape of America. The author knew Moman quite well and conducted dozens of hours of interviews with him.