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What Does God Look Like?
A Journey to the Other Side By James L. Dickerson

7-year-old Boy Travels to Heaven with His Father after a Boating Accident –
And Returns to Tell the Story of Meeting God. A true story.

"From a life after life experience as a young boy where he saw the face of God, Dickerson tells the deeply moving story of his own efforts through careers in journalism and social work to 'work his way back to God'. Much of his story is lived out within the mysteriously beautiful and terrifying land of the Mississippi Delta and is a remarkably touching story of one man's attempt to be faithful to a God who had given him life beyond death for purposes that would take a lifetime to unfold."— The Right Reverend Duncan M. Gray III, Episcopal Bishop of Mississippi (retired)

This true story begins with an ill-fated father-son fishing trip that ends in disaster, and sends the father and son through a velvet tunnel into the bright light of God's presence. Once there they are told there has been a mistake because their souls had clung together on the journey. Only one person was supposed to stand before God. Instead, there was a father and a son. How God resolved the "mistake" will stay with you for the remainder of your life.

The book traces Dickerson's life after his return from the other side, as he works to carry out God's mandate. The story also tells of several of the author's near-death experiences, and includes the story of an angel who visits a Mississippi hospital to give blood for him in an emergency situation and then disappears, leaving hospital officials and police scratching their heads because no one could ever locate the man again.

What Does God Look Like? A Journey to the Other Side will strengthen the faith of believers and challenge the arguments of non-believers. Most importantly it provides an eye-witness account of what readers will experience when their turn comes to cross over to the other side.

About the Author

James L. Dickerson, has written more than thirty books, worked as a staff writer at The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN), the Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News (Jackson, MS), the Greenwood, MS Commonwealth, and the Delta Democrat-Times (Greenville, MS). In addition, he has worked for social service agencies at which he placed hundreds of children on adoption and in foster homes, and at a state mental health department where he worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities. At the latter job, he created a program called You've Got a Friend, which provided institutionalized individuals with friends who visited on a weekly basis to serve as mentors.

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